Our Story

The Founders

Arrigos blacksmith workshop is a collaboration of Václav Melč and Lukáš Macourek, and well supported by their family and friends. Václav, the blacksmith, and Lukáš, the woodcarver and cabinetmaker, have been close friends since their early childhood. They set to start their own independent workshop back in 2012. For Václav it was a continuation of a long-held family tradition as he is a fourth-generation blacksmith. Lukáš on the other hand takes after his father his love for historic sights and traditional artisan crafts.

To nobody’s surprise they both were eager to start manufacturing craft items that are well sought-after by reenactment enthusiasts, artisan craftsmanship aficionados, LARP players, historical swordsmen, or simply everyone, who enjoys handcrafted quality products.

In 2014, Václav and Lukáš began reconstructing a historical half-timbered farmstead located in a far west corner of the Czech Republic. They both are avid craftsmen who continue to learn new techniques and perfect their skills while innovating with new products and accessories.

They mark their products with a hallmark “A” stamp, resembling of a rune symbol. The letter A stands for Arrigos faun, a hero of Václav’s fantasy stories, and a mascot of their workshop and an icon of their products.

Václav Melč

Lukáš Macourek

Evolving Our Trademark

1993 - 2004

2004 - 2007

2011 - present

2015 - present

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